Baby's First Birthday session is my favorite type of session I offer. Its a fun and joyful way to celebrate your baby's first big birthday.


Session will last for up to 90 minutes and it's divided into 2 parts:

I starts with a beautiful portrait photos of your baby with a cute backdrop, decorations and outfit before it gets messy. Parents and siblings are also very welcome to have a couple of portraits taken at this point.

Next is the actual smashing of the cake, lots of mess and lots of fun!

If you don't like the idea of cake I have also done cupcakes, lollipops, donuts, spaghetti, fruit, etc. The possibilities are honestly endless. I love to customize each and every session! The more personalized the session is the better!

Everything is provided in the studio for your baby's first birthday celebration from backdrops, balloons, props and outfits. However, I always ask the parents to bring the cake as I want to avoid allergy issues or food sensitivities. Please keep in mind to avoid chocolate, blue and red icing - it don't look good in the photographs and difficult to clean.

I highly recommend to book your first birthday / cake smash session at least 3-4 weeks in advance, so we have enough time to plan your photosession. If you want a specific theme/ colors then please get in touch to book early as possible. Many items are hand made so we need to order them in advance!  /  Tel. +353 86 778 26 45

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