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5 photo ideas every mom should try this summer | Dungarvan Family Photographer

Hi all,

There are so many fun things to do in the summer with kids. It is perfect time to get your camera out, try some photo ideas and capture those happy memories!

Because time flies! It seems like yesterday I was holding my daughter in my arms and now she is starting secondary school. She is not interested in playgrounds, there are no more tea parties in the garden with her teddies. You'll wish you could hold on to those moments forever. Thanks to modern technology, you can freeze those memories forever!

Fun at the Beach.

Everyone loves the beach right? Friends, sun, sand and sea, that sounds like a summer to me. The best time to shoot beach photos is early in the morning or an hour before sunset known as "golden hour". It will guarantee you this glowing golden look.

Flowers in bloom.

If you want to take advantage of the gorgeous floral backdrop the time is now. You don't need a perfect location to take beautiful photos. Beauty is all around us! You just need to find it. I am always saying, " Oh, look how pretty those flowers are," and people tell me they are just weeds. They just don't see it the same way photographers see. Would you believe me if I say this is a weed covered parking lot near Spring roundbound, Dungarvan, co. Waterford? I am sure you can find a little flower field near your home.


Puddle jumping, running through the sprinkler or just a nice day at the pool, capture your little ones enjoying fun activities in and around the water. Try to find the angle to avoid shadows and squinting in sunny conditions.

Garden Tea party

Whether they are playing dress up with their friends or pouring a cup of tea for their teddies, it's definitely some amazing moments to capture. Here is our little "Alice in Wonderland" themed tea party.


Don’t try to make them sit perfectly still and smile at the camera, instead follow them around and try documenting them as they explore their surroundings.

A few tips on how to set your camera up when photographing children.

Raise shutter speed of 1/400 or above to catch the action or if you are not familiar with manual setting switch your camera to "sport" mode.

Aperture refers to the opening of a lens's diaphragm through which light passes. It is generally written as numbers such as 1.4, 2, 2.8, etc. The lower f-number, the more blurred background you will get. Start from f5.6 to make sure everything in focus.

ISO determines camera's sensitivity to light. If it's sunny and bright set your ISO to 100. If it is too dark and this makes your shutter speed too long and photos dark you can raise it up.

Get down on the level. When you photographing your little ones from above (from an adult perspective) it makes them look even smaller. Get on their level!

Happy snapping!


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