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Ask the Photographer: Newborn Photography. When and How?

Photographs of newborn babies have become a must-have for parents seeking to capture the early moments in their baby's life. At Happy Memories Photography my aim is to capture the special first days of your baby’s life and those beautiful little features with stunning photography in the comfort of your own home.

If you are planning a newborn photo session for your baby or just wondering how it goes here are a few tips:


Being a Mum myself I perfectly understand “Mum's world”, that's why my photo studio is portable and easily assembled in the comfort of your own home. I find it’s much easier on Mum and baby! The lightning I use is a soft studio light that mimics natural lighting, which allows for better quality images even on grey and rainy days. A newborn photo session can take 1 to 3 hours, so we don’t rush it, and we simply follow baby’s lead!


​I recommend that you schedule your newborn session before your baby’s birth to reserve a slot. It is best to photograph newborns when they are between 5 to 20 DAYS old. This is when they are most relaxed and sleepy, and we are best able to position them in beautiful, natural poses for the photographs to achieve maximum cuteness! Morning hours are the best to photograph newborns.

​On the day of your baby photo session.

Please feed the baby right before our session to ensure the baby will be sleeping through out the session. I also stop if needed during the session if the baby needs to eat some more. I also ask if it possible that parents try to keep their baby awake for an hour prior to the photo session. It is always a good idea to heat up the room that will be used for the photo shoot beforehand.


The baby’s safety always goes first, so please note that the majority of newborn photographs are taken with the parent holding and supporting the baby. I will take multiple shots and use editing software to prepare the final photographs. I have a range of beautiful backgrounds and setups for newborns and babies, to create perfect photographs that everyone will cherish for a lifetime.

Have you heard about "First 48" photo sessions?

"First 48" photo sessions are photographed entirely at the hospital. The session captures family members meeting your new baby for a very first time, the baby's soft and wrinkly skin, and of course lots of hugs and kisses. These are the precious moments in life that can never be recreated again so it is important to capture them. Your little one will change so quickly - minute to minute, day to day. So freeze these memories forever. Find out more here.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Irina x

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