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Gold & Silver Medals in SACC Creative Photography Competition 2016

Hello everyone,

I have some fantastic news to share!

I have been awarded Gold and Silver medals in the Southern Association of Camera Clubs (SACC) Creative Photography Competition 2016 (intermediate).

The Southern Association of Camera Clubs (SACC) is the region of the Irish photographic Federation (IPF) covering the south of Ireland from Arklow to Clare. You can find out more about SACC on their official website.

I am absolutely delighted to receive such fantastic recognition as this is the first time I entered the Creative Photography Competition, and I certainly didn't have any expectations.

Photo credit:

The SACC Creative Photography Competition 2016 was held in the Park Hotel, Dungarvan on Sunday October 23rd. It was amazing to meet so many talented photographers from all around the country who took part in this event.

The definition of the Creative Photography Competition for 2016 was "Creative Photography means different things to different people. To some, it means manipulation of images using image editing software and to others, it means breaking the rules/conventions using creative techniques in-camera such as slow shutter speeds, panning, creative compositions etc. Photographic content should predominate. For the purposes of this competition, anything goes."

As you already might know, I absolutely love Photoshop! Photography to me is an art of observation. Finding something beautiful in an ordinary place. Creating a story. Transforming reality. My style of editing and technical skills are two ingredients of my photography. I submitted four images into the projected images section. The "Storm in the Tea Cup" took the Gold Medal, and the "Secret Life of the Fairy" took the Silver Medal.

My congratulation to all of the winners and a very special thank you to the judges Martin Spackman and Paul Reidy, who provided excellent commentary and feedback throughout the judging.



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