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Lighting Workshop with Podge Kelly Photography | Cork

“Wherever there is light, one can photograph.”

The photographic process does not end once the shutter button on the camera has been clicked. Each year I try to attend as many different photography workshops and conferences to stay inspired and to keep my hand on the pulse.

This May I did the "It's Just Light "NOT" Rocket Science" , workshop by Podge Kelly Photography in Cork.

If you ask me to name the most important thing in photography, I would say light. Lighting is a key factor in creating a successful image.

It takes a lot of time and practice to "see and read" the light. It's not only direction of the light that needs to be taken into consideration before taking a shot, but also other characteristic like quality and quantity of light and it's colour temperature. It's also very important to know that the colour of light will have an emotional impact on the viewer. Candle light on the photo, for example, will produce a warm light with an orange colourcast which gives us a feeling of warmth and coziness. Light is not just dark or bright, it creates mood and atmosphere and it's extremely important to know and fully understand it.

As a family and wedding photographer, I am always working in different lighting conditions. For example, this May I photographed First Communion in my own studio where I have full control of the light, and later in the church where flashlight wasn't allowed, so I had to adapt and use only natural, available light.

Podge's Lighting workshop covers everything you need to know: Natural Light: where and how to find it and how best to use it. Speed Lights : both on and off the camera. Studio Lights. Creative lighting.

Podge is a fantastic mentor. Not only does he explains everything in a simple and plain English (trust me English is my second language. I kept questioning myself will I understand the "Inverse square law of light" without Google translate, would it be too technical for me?), but he also teaches how to work with ANY available source of light.

Here are a few images I photographed in different light scenarios.

All of the images are unedited, straight from the camera to show you the quality of light I was able to achieve at Podge's workshop. Mastering light reduces editing time by hours!

I want to thank Podge for a fantastic lighting workshop run in Cork. I really enjoyed it. It was helpful in more ways that I could have imagined. The different light scenarios from natural light to strobes really gave me the courage to try some of these settings in my photography. You were right, It's Just Light "NOT" Rocket Science! Thank you again!

Podge Kelly Photography: http://www.podgekellyphotography.com/

Model: Ono PC.

Irina x

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