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Lijana's maternity photo session | Dungarvan

Hi all,

I’m excited to share this very special maternity session I photographed for Lijana. If you’re thinking about doing a photo shoot in which motherhood is the main reason, here are just a few suggestions on how to prepare for your photo session along with beautiful Lijana's photographs.

3 tips for beautiful pregnancy portraits.

1. Time.

I recommend to schedule your session in between 28 and 34 weeks of your pregnancy, when your bump is looking lovely and round. During pregnancy woman’s body goes through transformation, after the 36th week most women start to feel too uncomfortable.

2. Wear comfortable clothes that show off your bump.

The wardrobe can make or break a photoshoot. Comfort is key when it comes to taking a good picture, especially if you are pregnant. There are lots of factors to consider when you are planning your outfits for the maternity photo session. First you should take into account the colors that compliment the location of the shoot and the colors of the background.

Lijana's photo session took place on the first week of December with lots of autumn color. I love to help my clients in planning and coordinating all aspects of the shoot, including clothing. I recommended to Lijana wearing warm colors mixed with classic fall tones such as reds, brown, oranges, and yellows; textured sweaters, denim, etc. It worked perfect for our photographs!

More maternity outfit ideas here. Pinterest Board with some great examples here.

3. Location.

Maternity photos tell the story of your 9 month journey. I recommend to choosing a location with a special meaning to you or based on the emotions that you want to see in the photos. Your location can be anywhere from your own home, a park or a beach.

A few more pictures from Lijana's photoshoot:

Pregnancy is probably one of the most amazing times in a woman’s life, full of anticipation and excitement. If you are considering a maternity photo session please give me a call on 086 778 2645 or drop me a line: HappyMemoriesIreland@gmail.com.

Irina x

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