One of the most common questions I receive when booking family photo sessions is, what should we wear?

Here are some rules of thumb to help get you started thinking about the perfect look for your family photo session! 

1.  The season and location.

The season and location will set the overall tone for your family photos. When thinking about what you should wear, start with the location where we will be taking the photos. The main rule to follow is to wear smart/more formal clothes for indoor photo sessions, and more casual clothes for outdoor photo sessions.

By choosing simple, classic clothes you will help give your images a timeless feel.

2. Choose your colour palette.

I always recommend to my customers that if in doubt about what to wear for a family photo session, start by picking Mom's outfit first.  Lay it out on the bed and start building a family look around it. Choose 1-3 colours, ones with similar tones that go nicely together, and work within that colour palette. Not only does it help to picture how the pieces are going to all work together, but it also ensures that you won't forget an essential piece of clothing. Try to avoid bold patterns, text, logos, and cartoon characters that can distract from the scene. Choose neutral colours with soft fabrics, pastels, or go for a splash of colour! It doesn’t have to be matchy-matchy, but try to ensure that the colour palette is complimentary.

3. Accessories!

Accessories are a great way to add something special to a photo shoot. Add a hat, scarves, hair accessories, jewellery etc. However, it is important not to let the accessories overwhelm the subjects within the photo.

4. Make Up.

Sometimes you might want to hire a professional makeup artist for your photo session. Some of my more exclusive photo packages include a complementary session with a makeup artist, so keep an eye on my Facebook page for promotions.  If you are applying your own makeup, try to wear it just a shade darker than normal, especially your mascara, so that it make your eyes stand out. Try to avoid shine by choosing a matte foundation! 

If you are having your photo session in my studio, then I strongly recommend avoiding fake tan. Most tanning products have built in bronzers, which give you a beautiful sun-kissed glow in natural light. Repeat after me: in natural light. This is fine for an outdoor photo session, but under professional photo studio lights, bronzers will give you a greasy and unflattering look, and orange hands and feet cannot be fixed by Photoshop

5. Comfort.

You will look good wearing something that makes you feel good! Wear what makes you feel comfortable provided you consider tip 2 about the colour palette! 

Please consider the weather if the photo session is outdoors. No matter how beautiful the dress you bought for your daughter, if it's cold and if she is uncomfortable, nobody will enjoy the photo session.

6. Have fun!

Most importantly, relax, enjoy and be yourself! The best photographs are often the ones where everyone is engaged or interacting with each other. It is okay if not everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. Sometimes candid shots are the best of all.

I hope you will find these rules of thumb useful. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. I am always happy to help!

Irina xx