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Why Your Wedding Stationery Is More Important Than You Think

As you are getting close to your wedding you will start to think about wedding stationery.

First of all, what is wedding stationery? A stationery suite consists of all your wedding-related paper goods from your wedding invitations, RSVP card, Church booklet (if any), Seating Plan, Menu Cards, etc.

Wedding invitations serve as the first official announcement of a couple's union.

Premium wedding stationery from The

Why beautiful wedding stationery is important:

1. Creates excitement: A visually appealing invitation can create a buzz and excitement among guests, who will be eagerly awaiting the wedding day.

Premium wedding stationery from The

2. Reflects the couple's personality: The design and style of the invitation can reflect the couple's taste, style, and personality, which can make it more personal and memorable.

Premium wedding stationery from The

3. Sets expectations: The invitation can give guests an idea of what to expect at the wedding and help set the tone for the event. For example, a formal invitation with elegant lettering and formal language might indicate a black-tie event, while a playful and colorful invitation could indicate a more relaxed, outdoor wedding.

4. Looks beautiful in your online gallery and wedding album as a lovely way to start your wedding story.

4. Information: The wedding invitation is the most critical piece of stationery as it communicates essential information to guests, such as the date, time, ceremony, and reception venues.

5. Set the tone for your color theme. Make sure that your wedding invitations are in line with your chosen color scheme. Your invitation sets the tone for the style of your wedding, so it is essential to continue the color scheme throughout your bridal party and décor theme.

Vanessa and Ray's wedding day at Kinnitty Castle, Birr, co. Offaly. Burgundy is one of our favorite wedding colors. The berry-hued, wine-inspired jewel tone is a perfect addition to any wedding and defiantly suits the castle theme and it's interior.

Chloe and Mark's beautiful wedding day in Faithlegg House Hotel, co. Waterford.

How long before the wedding should I send the invites?

If you plan to send Save the Date cards, it is essential to plan ahead of time. It is recommended to send them about six months before the wedding date, but it's crucial to decide on a design and get them printed without any delay.

Alternatively, if you opt not to send Save the Date cards, it is important to give your guests ample notice by sending your wedding invitations at least three months before the wedding.

How many invitations do I need?

A general rule of thumb is one invitation per household / couple. Many of your guests will be couples or families who'll only require one invitation. Let's say you're inviting 200 guests. Out of 200 people, the majority are most likely paired up, so therefore I typically see a guest count of 200 people needing roughly 125 invitations.

Morning of your wedding day:

From the moment I arrive at the venue, I am on the lookout for the beautiful details that will help to tell the story and set the tone for the wedding day. The first thing I ask for are the wedding stationery.

I want to give you a list of some of the details to have ready for me on the morning of your wedding, so you get AMAZING detail shots of the items you've put so much time in!

Invitation suite. Make sure to have all items from envelope to RSVP card. If you are getting married in a Church, an order of service booklet is an important part of your wedding stationery.

All three rings. Engagement and weddings bands.

Jewelry. Your earrings, necklace, hairpiece, etc.

Your perfume.


Flowers. Many florists are great about including a few loose flowers/ trimmings and greenery for styled detail photos. Please ask your florist to give you a small bag. We just need a few pieces.

Any extra accents or items of significance that represent the day.

I always come with my styling kit. I have everything I need from ribbons to ring boxes to create a beautiful photographs for you to enjoy.

I hope this helps you as you prepare for the most exciting morning of your life!

Irina x


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